About Us

Life Music Northants enhances life through music by the provision of workshops that give opportunities to people of varying abilities. Many of its clients who face economic challenges and those with learning disabilities have access to participate in these. Activities in our workshops include learning songs, song writing, makaton, (a teaching strategy to help hearing people with learning or communication difficulties) exploring instruments, improvisation and working together. The primary objective is to engage them and discover their potential in a safe, fun and friendly environment. Some of our case studies reflect these outcomes from previous workshops.

Life Music’s approach has been successful in bringing out confidence, balance and a sense of achievement with a wide range of clients since the organisation was founded. Our ambition is to expand this and other work in Northampton, and we have connections with Autism East Midlands, Daisy Chain, Lyndsey House, Olympus Care Services and The Cube Disability. We have a Life Music Northants video (Our Story) on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and website. Daisy Chain along with parents/carers of Autistic Spectrum have attended workshops and would like to see a continuation of activities. This is reflected by some of the feedback we receive on social media and/or questionnaires. It will help us to monitor our progress and remain open to new ideas/suggestions.

Since Life Music Northants was founded in August 2012, we have been funded by Northampton Community Foundation, Tesco Bags of Help, Co-op Community Fund, Empowering Councillors Fund, Northampton Lotto (which we are part of as a cause to support) and other opportunities including our own fundraising efforts as our reputation and achievements grow. The King Of Hearts Festival 2021 recently sponsored Life Music Northants and a fundraiser was set up in memory of a mentor, who was very much involved with the organisation. We are currently part of the Co-op Community Fund and Tesco Bags Of Help scheme. We have also recieved the ‘Small Grants’ fund awarded by Northampton Borough Council (now West Northamptonshire Council) to continue our expansion and development. Our aim is to become a registered charity.

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